Thursday, March 01, 2012

Kindergarten crafts: pine cone bird feeders

I want to start by saying that the most exciting part of this post to me is the photos.  My uncle is an amazing photographer, and he let me use his fancy fancy camera.  Thanks Uncle Rick!

Nothing is more fun than doing crafts like you used to do back in kindergarten.  So when my aunt invited me over to have a sleepover, drink tea, watch movies, and make pine cone bird feeders, I of course said, bring it on!

Full disclosure: this happened in December.  I am blogging about it now.  Time management is not one of my strengths.

So anyway, I helped my aunt gather pine cones in the yard (look for the more open ones so you can really get the peanut butter in there!), and then my cousin and I were dispatched to buy the cheapest jar of peanut butter we could find.  When we returned, my uncle built a fire in the fireplace and we set up our project on the coffee table.

We tied string onto the pine cones, then smeared on peanut butter.  Tip: tie the string before you smear the peanut butter.  Unless you're looking for mess.  In which chase, by all means start with peanut butter.

We rolled the pine cones around in bird seed and voila!  Pine cone bird feeders just like in elementary school.

We made about 20 bird feeders and hung them all over the backyard.  They actually looked quite elegant hanging from the trees!

This photo was taken with an iPhone.  Not bad!

What is your favorite kindergarten craft?


Richard said...

Nice bird feeders. BTW, Rick was an excellent student and I'm proud of how he turned out....

Linn Davis said...

Spinning pine cone, third to last, is my favorite.

David Churchman said...

Don't leave us in suspense: did they work? Did beautiful sparrows alight your cones or squirrels and agile raccoons?

Magical Day Dream said...

That's awesome! Reminds me of birdfeeders I used to make as a kid from old milk boxes. :D