About Me

A spring-y picture!  Also one of the only solo photos I have.
Hello!  I'm Lina.  I am originally from Arlington, VA, but since 2004 I have lived in Iowa, Costa Rica, Peru, Richmond, Argentina, back in Arlington, and New York City (yes, that's seven cities in four countries in seven years).  In August 2010 I moved to Minneapolis, MN, and have managed to stay here since.

I live in a teeny-tiny apartment with Linn, my partner in crime, adventure, cooking, ambitious and not-so-ambitious projects, exploring, and sometimes arguing.  I'm finishing my undergraduate degree (only has taken nine years...) and working to pay the bills.

This is where I'm supposed to list my interests.  Some people spend a lot of time really learning to do something well.  I, on the other hand, tend to do lots of different things with varying degrees of talent and ability.  These activities include cooking, canning, photography, knitting, making mini notebooks, and slowly learning some basic web design to make this space look nicer.

Thanks for stopping by, and please leave a comment to say hi!

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