Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dirty snowman (not like that)

We've had a strange winter here in Minnesota.  It's been pretty warm--regularly in the 30s and even 40s!  For reference, last year it was in the negative numbers or single digits for pretty much all of January and February.  There's also been very little snow, and what we have had hasn't stuck.  But Sunday night the snow was coming down for real!  So at 10 pm, Linn and I took advantage and built a snowman.

We decided to build it behind our building because that area is dreary and dirty and sad, and we thought we could brighten it a bit.  Unfortunately, we underestimated just how dirty it is back there, and we built the dirtiest snowman that's ever been made.  We thought it was appropriate.

We went traditional and used a carrot for a nose, and went modern and used bottle caps for eyes.  We managed to scrounge around for some sticks to use as arms.

Here is our dirty snowman blending into the dirty background:

And here's Linn posing with his creation!  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night.


Linn Davis said...


This poor snow-fellow has, as of yesterday morning, fallen over! Oh, the sadness!

Or has he fallen victim to MURDER?! We may never know.

In other news: fabulous post, Lina. That first photo is beautiful indeed.

Mariana said...

Fun!! :)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

LOL, this is hilarious! Such a sad little snow man!

Lina said...

Thanks Bailey! We had a good time.