Monday, February 13, 2012

Some fun things

I run across a lot of things I love on the internet.  I would make a self-deprecating joke about spending too much time online, but I don't really feel bad about it.

As I'm exploring, I try to bookmark things I like, but my bookmarks are a huge mess and I rarely open them again.  So instead, I'm going to (regularly?) share some of those things here.  I discover a lot of new blogs, recipes, music, etc. through posts like this on other blogs, so maybe I'll share something here you like!  I'm totally ripping this idea off from about 100 blogs that do regular "Things I Love" features, but it seems fun so I'm going to have a go!

The folks at Life Hacker are genius.  This is possibly the best idea I've ever heard of.

You should read this fascinating post from NPR about "human wormholes" who make history seem shorter.  Like a man the author met in New York City in the 70s who had been Rasputin's neighbor.  Or Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes--who shook the hands of both John Quincy Adams (b. 1767) and John F. Kennedy (d. 1963).  Crazy.

From Instructables.  I would wear this.  Love legos.

Anyone dying to spend $300 on me?  How about $900 (since I want all the colors)?  I'm somewhat obsessed with these boots.  Why are Fryes so expensive?  Sigh.  *Searching for a knock-off*

April Smith and the Great Picture Show

April Smith And The Great Picture Show - Wow And Flutter
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If you need some fun music to get your week going, look no further!  I love April Smith and her band.  April has an amazing voice and she sounds as awesome live as she does on her recordings.  Also, I figured out how to embed the html code in this post so you can hear the song, so listen and enjoy!

Well, that's it for today!  Please share some fun things of your own!

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