Thursday, September 23, 2010


*Edit: Yesterday I wrote "the three tenants of LVC...."  Yes, I know it's tenets.  Unfortunately "tenants" is also a word, so spell check didn't pick it up.  Whoops!*

Well, it's been four months since my last post.  I've been trying to write an update for the last three weeks, and haven't managed to finish a post.  Trying to explain LVC and intentional community is not easy, I've discovered.  But I really want to be blogging again, so I've settled on this--I'm just going to list some key facts about what I'm doing this year, and you can look it up if you want.

I am spending this year as a member of the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The program is a little bit like Americorps (in fact, I'm getting an Americorps education grant), but a little more involved.  The three tenets of LVC are social justice, intentional community, and sustainable and simple living.  This translates, in very simple terms, to a placement at a local nonprofit, living in an intentional community house with other volunteers (like a co-op, I think), and living on a stipend (the less simple explanation would delve into commitments to sustainable living, especially when it comes to food choices).  I'm living in Wellstone House in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood in South Minneapolis with five lovely housemates.  We spend our evenings cooking, chatting, dancing, having house meetings, and practicing for future gigs of the Wellstone Family Band (I have learned five chords on the guitar!).  My work placement is as the Community Organizer at the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association.

And with that I can stop putting off blogging because I haven't explained LVC, consider it somewhat explained, and move on to more pressing, and interesting, issues.

So that's all for now.  Signing off.


Jamie said...

Maybe those tenants are metaphorical tenants. Like, at LVC, you co-habit with social justice and sustainable living and intentional community. They live with you.
Yeah, check out my blog- I've made far worse typos! Great to read this update. It sounds pretty awesome. Maybe you can incorporate contra dancing into your new band. Miss you Lina!

Jamie said...

Well maybe you live with sustainable living, intentional comunity and social justice, as if they were "tenants." Consider it a poetic typo.
Anyway. It all sounds awesome. Miss you!
Cuidate chica y disfruta tu Wellstone Family Band, maybe you can teach folks how to contra dance!