Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Setup: I really like the bathroom in my apartment.  It's a decent size, has a tiled floor, a full-sized tub/shower, lots of shelves, and a lovely window with panes in the shape of a flower.  In the corner of the tub is a four-tiered shelving unit, held together by metal tubes, that holds all of our shower necessities beautifully.

Story: So the other night I went into the kitchen to get some water before bed.  My roommate yelled at me from the bathroom, "Lina!  Come in here, you have to see what just happened to me!"  So I went in to find Dani in the tub and the four-tiered shelving unit in pieces on the floor.  "What happened?" I asked.  "It fell on me," she explained.  "And look what came out of the tubes!"  I looked down at the floor, which was strewn with pennies.  We have no idea who put them there, when, or how.

Epilogue: Dani threw away the shelving unit, but left the pennies on the floor to be a reminder of life's riches.  They're still there.

In other news, I'm a total asshole because when I posted last about my great weekend, I left out the part where my wonderful father drove my mattress up from Virginia and spent the day in New York.  We went out to lunch with Becca and Duke, walked through the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and then built my bed!  I had been bedless for a week.  I didn't think this would be a problem when I moved in (I had a partly blown-up air mattress!), but it turns out not having a bed meant 1. I rarely slept there, which isn't actually very good for my mental health and 2. I completely gave up on organizing the space (Duke commented that I gave up on keeping my room clean a long time ago...thanks babe).  So, my wonderful father drove up my mattress, helped me build my bed (free frame from Becca!  The rule was, I could have it as long as I don't bring it back), and we had a very nice day.

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Tía Elena said...

The very same mattress that was comfortably snuggled in your Tia's bedroom closet. Now there's a big empty space . . .