Monday, April 30, 2012

Peep hunt

Hello everyone!  The end of the semester (which doesn't actually end for two more weeks) is a stressful, sad, sleep-deprived time.  That is all I will say about my absence.

So how long ago was Easter?  Three weeks you say?  Well, I'm still having sugar withdrawal, so I will consider it Not Too Late to Post Easter Photos.

Being a lapsed Catholic and a more recently lapsed Unitarian, I don't usually do much to celebrate Easter.  But when our friend Christian invited Linn and me to his mother's house for dinner and the Annual Ricci Family Peep Hunt, we couldn't say no!

The Peep Hunt goes as so: 1. Divide into teams.  2. First team goes outside to hide the peeps all around the yard. 3. Other teams race to find as many peeps as possible.  4. Next team hides the peeps all over, and so on.

Linn and I got to hide first and, I have to say, I think I prefer hiding to finding!  It was very satisfying to watch our hunt-mates run around looking for peeps.

Not really a good hiding place, but I couldn't resist!

It's hidden in the porch light in the top left corner!

We also had a lovely dinner...

...and ended the evening with the most rollicking, laughter-filled board-game-playing experience I've ever had!

I hope you all are having lovely springs!  I'll be back soon with some photos from my first roll of 120mm film shot with my new Diana F+ camera.  Plastic lens=messy pictures and lots of fun!  Also, the farmers market (aka canning season) is about to start!!!


Tía Elena said...

I like this much better than hiding eggs. I like the peep peeping out from under the concrete . . .
great pix, Lina!

Berthica said...

Hi and happy Easter! I love the Peep at the bird-feeder! Perfect!

My first Easter egg-hunt experience was when Aaron and Lauren were both in high school. Yes, HIGH SCHOOL. Envision it. They complained that we never celebrated Easter and there were no Easter baskets on that Sunday ("Which Sunday?" we asked with curiosity).
So we boiled eggs and colored them with vinegar and glittery oils that stuck to the shells as each egg was cradled oin that little wire "throne" that came with the kit. And then, Rick and I hid them. Aaron and Lauren got into the hunt with infantile glee, and every competitive atom in their beings awakened. They chased each other; held each other back; tackled, tripped and otherwise outran each other for every egg. Each becoming more covetted than the previous one found. It was actually incredibly hilarious and much more entertaining than all those childhood mornings in a Cuban cathedral, my head covered with a veil...

I don't know whether you have to be a lapsed Catholic, or Unitarian or not, but... An Easter Bunny? Really???? I mean, a giant, invisible bunny that leaves baskets and lays eggs, and drops off candy unseen by anyone???? Somehow, that just never grabbed my imagination.


P.S. I want to can with you!!!!

Lina said...

I remember dying Easter eggs with Izzy. That vinegar smell.... Our easter egg hunts were always inside, so a little more subdued, but Dad hid them and at the end there were always one or two we hadn't found and he couldn't remember where they were.

Yes, come can! Tomato season lasts for like four days in August. Plan accordingly.