Friday, May 04, 2012

Announcing Free(ish)!

I'm excited to announce the launch of the internet's newest hotspot!  Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it should be the internet's newest hotspot because it's very cool.

It all started when we lived in New York and were fairly broke.  To find things to do, we relied heavily on a blog called The Skint, which lists free events going on all over the city.  Then we moved to Minneapolis and were fairly broke, but nothing like The Skint seemed to exist.  We had a really hard time finding free things to do and Minneapolis started to feel pretty boring.

Well, it turns out there are fun, free things to do in the Twin Cities, they're just hard to find.  So Linn, seeing an opportunity, spent the last month working into the wee hours of the night creating Free(ish)!

Free(ish)--also on Facebook--compiles and publishes daily lists of free and mostly-free things to do around the Twin Cities.  The types of events really run the gamut.  They might include happy hours, live music, lectures at the U, free museum hours, neighborhood events, or anything else that's free and open to the public.  On May 1 it even listed protests and demonstrations going on for International Workers Day!

This isn't just a plain-old list, either. It's actually pretty funny to read. For example, here's part of the description for the 331 Club: "A fantastic, friendly, intimate space for music, but never a seat in the house on popular nights. But when the musical saw takes a solo and people start really bopping around, you wouldn’t want to be sitting anyway."

The website also has lists of recurring events organized by day and then by category (my favorite being "Libations and Vittles").  There is also a great list called Any Day, Everyday, or Every Now and Again. This has recurring events as well as tips on how to do not-free things for free. For example, if you volunteer at the well-known and somewhat pricey Cedar Cultural Center, you get to see half the show the night you volunteer and you get a free ticket to any show after you volunteer for eight hours. Good deal!

Linn has been working really hard on this website (by which I mean, he's barely slept in weeks).  I had no idea he knew how to build a website, but apparently he does.  Right now he's compiling the lists on his own and could really use a little help, so if you live in the Twin Cities, please contact him if you know about free(ish) things going on.  You can also like Free(ish) on Facebbok, even if you don't live in the Cities.  I'm so proud of him for getting this off the ground, so check it out and make all his sleepless nights feel worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job, Linn! Now, if you can find me a free(ish) flight to Minneapolis.....