Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Hello, blogworld!  I've decided to try this blog thing.  Try it again, that is, and perhaps in a more permanent way (check out my blog from my six months in Argentina).  I really enjoyed blogging when I was in Argentina and I wanted to continue when I came home, but I wanted to wait until I had something specific to blog about.  Because, really, no one wants to read an online diary.  That's why we had LiveJournal in high school.  But I am now in the midst of one adventure (deciding to move to NYC for the summer and getting on a bus two weeks later with no job and no place to live) and have another one starting in August (moving to Minneapolis to work with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps--more on that later), so now seemed like the time!

About me:
Name: Lina Ines Rodriguez (sometimes known as Caroline).
Age: 24 (almost)
Location: New York City (for now), Minneapolis, MN (soon), Arlington, VA (home)
Occupation: Barista, soon-to-be Community Organizer Extraordinaire
Favorite thing: Frozen yogurt.  I'm pretty serious about it.

Purpose of blog:
Mostly to chronicle my time in New York and Minneapolis.  I imagine the blog will also be spattered with articles I find interesting, musings about life, music, people, and politics, photos of my cooking experiments, and a few good old-fashioned rants.

About the title:
"When my world falls apart, I chop vegetables. Onions are especially good, because then you get to cry without having to explain what's wrong if you don't want to. Then you stir-fry the vegetables with garlic and soy sauce, cook up some rice, and by then, although your despair may still be there, at least you have something to eat! The next day you chop, you cook, you fold laundry, and you shower and get dressed. You keep going through the actions of sustaining life until finally the day comes along when you discover that without your being aware, happiness and hope have crept back in."

I'll write a better explanation later, but that's where "Chopping Vegetables" comes from.

So, here goes!  Thanks for stopping by, please encourage me to post often, and there will be more soon!


Libby said...

Great!! And I can't wait to see pictures too!

Stephen said...

You have the explanation for that title in quotes--does that mean that someone else wrote that? In any case I can definitely relate to that .