Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lessons learned: Week 2 (mostly transportation related)

Monday (as well as being my 24th birthday!) marked the end of my second week in NYC.  A lot of exciting life strides have ocurred in this time, but I would like to mark the occasion by sharing some of my newly acquired NYC wisdom.

1. The C train sucks.
2. Always always get on the express train during rush hour.  Even if this means taking the 1 train to 96th St., switching to the 2/3 train until 14th St., and then getting back on the 1 train.  Even if, when you get to 96th St., there is no 2/3 train in sight.  It will not be faster to just keep your seat on the 1 train, and you'll feel really dumb as you watch from that number 1 seat as multiple 2/3 trains go whizzing past you in the tunnels.  So just get out at 96th.
3. If you get on the subway between 3 and 6 pm, there will be large groups of very loud high school students on your train car.  Be warned.  They're annoying.  And they're on all the trains, so don't think you can avoid them by staying on the 1 train.  Get on the express.
4. Apparently New Yorkers are too cool for Star Wars.  We had to go all the way to the West Village to this little hole-in-the-wall video store to find it.  It was soooo worth it.

In other news, I am all squared away with a job and an apartment!  I am working as a barista at Le Pain Quotidien.  I've been training at the store on 53rd and 5th, but I start tomorrow at their Rockefeller Center location.  I have enjoyed my walk from the Central Park South stop to the store every day.  I go right down 5th Ave. past Tiffany's and all the major designer stores.  I feel it's very New York.  And I look super-chic in my PQ tshirt and black work sneakers.

My apartment is wonderful.  It's on W. 155th, which is the dividing street between Hamilton Heights in Harlem and Washington Heights.  One of the former residents was an artist, and every wall, door frame, and switch plate is painted.  It's very cozy and whimsical.  The apartment also came with three great roommates.  More on that and photos soon!

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