Thursday, February 09, 2012

Project Organize! Step 1

Sad empty useless corner

Happy shelved useful corner!

Have I mentioned that our apartment is small?  It's small.  And gets messy very quickly.

You see, Linn and I have a bit of an incompatibility issue when it comes to stuff and mess and the apartment.  I am very messy, and over the years I've learned to combat my natural messiness by just not having a lot of stuff to mess up.  Linn, on the other hand, likes having lots and lots of stuff around, but keeps it all impressively stashed away.  The combination of these styles, however, is a lot of stuff with a really messy person, and we've been having some trouble keeping things in place.

Biggest drill bit you've ever seen

We realized, though, that our biggest problem isn't that we don't put things where they live, it's that we don't have places for everything to live.  So we sat down and made a list of all the stuff that tends to accumulate and create mess (coats, clothes, extra stuff in the kitchen).  Then we wrote down what would keep those things from making a mess (hooks, another set of drawers, shelves).  Now I'm feeling like we can actually get this apartment organized!

For the record, I did most of the drilling.
My dad taught me to use an electric drill when I was about ten.
There just isn't photographic evidence.

So the first step in Project Organize! was shelves for the kitchen.  Linn spent two evenings building us two awesome shelves and getting advice from the nice folks at our local hardware store on how to hang them on our stupid rental apartment walls.  Putting them up ended up being way more difficult than we anticipated (story of our lives)...

Using a teeny-tiny saw on his Swiss army knife to make the holes bigger...long story
...but put them up we did, and now I'm in kitchen bliss!  Mostly.  Now I just want about twenty more shelves!


Rchard said...

You need to get that guy some goggles....

Lina said...

True. He has them...they might have been where his big construction project is happening.

Tía Elena said...

I love that the first step in cleaning up your apartment involved using a man with a massive drill bit!

Lina said...

I would like to point out that I did most of the drilling (see photo caption)! I don't need a man :-P

Lina said...

Although he did build the shelves by himself.